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MARTHA O’HAYER Martha is a versatile, results-oriented real estate professional with extensive experience in residential real estate.

Living in the SF Bay Area for over 35 years has given Martha a unique perspective on our dynamic Real Estate market. She successfully made the jump from 20 years of city living to her home in Petaluma, the gateway to Sonoma County without leaving her heart in San Francisco. She loves the Bay Area, the North Bay and Sonoma County!

Martha first acquired her real estate license in 1985 and practiced until the early ‘90s when she transitioned into a 15 year career in marketing promotions and strategic partnerships for advertising and media agencies. During that time, she had the opportunity to work during the dot com boom as one of the first employees of Born and raised in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, then moving to San Francisco, she craved the idea of owning a home with a yard, a garage and a downtown with a small town feel along with the amenities of the big city she had become accustomed to. She and her husband decided to move to one of the world’s great cities - Petaluma. After moving to Petaluma, it became clear that it was time to put her energies back into real estate and leverage all the customer service, marketing, sales and best practices tools she had acquired in my other work roles in corporate America.

Why Do You Love Petaluma? 

2015′s Butter & Egg Days Parade was another huge success! Petalumans came out in droves to celebrate the beauty, diversity, and community within our small town. We hit the streets to hear the millions of reasons that Petaluma Rocks, and have put them together in a video to share the P-Town love.

“Without chickens Petaluma woulda never reached its height.” – Norman Greenbaum

Download or read a copy of the notebook full of reasons to love Petaluma here:

Why Do You Love Petaluma Book

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